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African Evening-donald Grant
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African Evening-donald Grant African Evening-Donald Grant

Lodgebox-African Evening-Donald Grant



The African Evening LODGEBOX is part of the LODGEBOX  family of chests and products that Combine Great Art and Function.”  Its pine frame and top have an oil stained finish. Giclee* Canvas Art prints are stretched and glued on three  panels, then enhanced with a light glaze to protect and embellish the crispness of the art.  The art is secured under Exclusive Licenses with world famous and recognized artists.


Perfect size for fireside use for seating, blankets,  collectibles, fly rods, soccer bags,  kids junk,  paraphernalia; just a multitude of uses.  Dimensions  48” by 18” by 19” Weight  44 #  Some assembly required, packaged for drop shipment, EDI capable, shipping ctn 52” by 24” by 7”.  Shipping weight 45# Easy to assemble in less than 20 minutes.


The talent of British artist Donald Grant was apparent from an early age. He sold his first painting when he was nine years old to his family doctor. While still a schoolboy, Grant also painted a large mural in a public building and won a national drawing and design competition in the same year.

Continuing to paint at every opportunity, Grant followed a varied career, which began with the discipline of a long apprenticeship as a shipbuilding draftsman and continued with Army service in Africa. He also worked as a technical illustrator, a graphic designer and a free-lance advertising artist.

His masterful interpretation of wildlife subjects made Grant an artist of stature respected worldwide. His paintings have been internationally exhibited and collected since 1970. His technical perfection and ability to capture the look and feel of the African wilderness and the wildlife it supports were capabilities that could only be acquired through a love of Africa, best described by his own words: "Here in this magnificent setting, which we should all do our utmost to protect, the finely balanced day-to-day drama of survival unfolds."

Grant's original paintings and limited edition prints, first published by Mill Pond Press in 1988, are infused with dramatic light and charged with atmosphere. His subjects, with poses so characteristic of the species they represent, reveal the hand of a masterful artist; one who possessed a unique understanding of and genuine concern for the earth's endangered wildlife.


*Giclee – An art curator term which denotes the highest quality and special purpose printing process.  The process is unlike ordinary printers.  The pigments, not inks, are richer and produce a print that looks almost like the original painting.  Most people have to look several times to see it is only a print.  A glaze is optional but we have a light one applied to protect and enhance the print.  The original painting has to be scanned with a high resolution scan, often several hundred megabytes in size so that every brush stroke is captured and then reproduced.


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