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Mark Sussino

If you are a fly fisherman, as I am, then you know it is not about catching fish, but the whole panoply of acts, motions, feathers, and the quieting of your animal spirits as you cast, retrieve, watch the water, listen to the wind, and every once in a while, feel a tug on the line from another sentient being.   I have fished in a lot of good spots.  I am not a good fisherman.  I am not like Walt, an 85 year old guy I have coffee with once in awhile.  Now he can catch fish in a mud puddle.  He also is smart, and figures out what is affecting his catch.  One time he was out with his son, who is also an avid and excellent fisherman, and he noticed he wasn't getting any hook ups for salmon, whereas his son was.  After awhile, and not too long of a while, he figured out what had changed about his technique.  He had been to the doctor and was given some medicine, and that scent of the medicine was being absorbed through his skin and unto the herring slice he was attaching to the hootchie.  So he had his son bait his hook and things picked up.


"Autumn Dream Day" is one of our favorite fishing scene paintings and is very popular.