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Lary McKee

Lary McKee:  Lary calls himself a  realist artist and focuses on designing paintings that are free  flowing in design.  Lary comes from Scotland and I met him at a fair in Edmonds and just fell in love with his stuff.  He also prides himself on telling a story using concepts and ideas and using real subjects for his main focus.  I like Lary's paintings because the colors are so vibrant.  They are not bashfull at all.  Since I started this project, and just as I was getting some of the images from Lary, he got run over by a car (woman driver texting-not good says Lary), and since then he has had quite a difficult time of it with long stays in the hospital, lots of pain, etc.  but one thing that has cheered him up is seeing his images on the coolest bunkbed ever made with the frog theme and complimentary toy boxes.  He says when he gets better he will be doing some special stuff for me now that he knows what I am doing with his stuff.  We wish this gentle soul a quicker recovery than he has had so far.

To purchase paintings by Lary Mckee, go to his web site at

Lary has just published a new book, called "Finding Frog Valle"  which can be purchased at Amazon at this LINK