Pine wine racks hope chests bookcases with giclee art
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Kim Drew

Born and raised in Washington State, Kim Drew creates colorful images inspired by life in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Drew went to art school in Los Angeles and New York, had a 10 year freelancing stint in New York, exhibited in local juried art shows, and then opened his own gallery in 2002. 
K.Drew Gallery first located in Seattle at Harbor Steps on Post Alley. After ten years the gallery moved to it's Fremont location (open by appointment). Kim Drew is now focused on making new designs, cooking, writing a novel, and enjoying life with his large extended family, circle of friends, and two Jack Russell Terriers: J.P. and G.G.

Art should bring joy and enrich peoples lives. Towels, mugs, plates, cell phones, art prints, placemats, coasters  home, office, toys, and public spaces. An artist fixes a problem just as a plumber who fixes the pipes. The problem we have is boring surfaces, spaces, and relationships. An artist can provide inspiration, empathy, and excitement with a splash of color on a wall or shower curtain; greeting card, coaster, ornament or embellishment on a wine cabinet. 
My goal is to create art on everything and that the art is well used, touched, loved, and shared, not just hanging in some bank vault, worshipped in the land of Acadamia or paid homage at the Museum. Thanks for including my offerings in your life!