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Dave Barnhouse

Dave Barnhouse paints beautiful countryside nostalgic paintings. "Home Again" is a real seasonal winter snow scene, late afternoon with the setting sun, an old covered bridge over an almost frozen stream, ducks flying in with their wings set, and barns, horses, cattle, smoke coming out of the chimney and lots of snow on the ground, which this year is just so right on.  i sometimes forget how vast our selection is, and sometimes we pick out a painting, buy a bunch of Giclee canvas, and then no one orders the scene for a month of Sundays.  Then all of a sudden, people discover it on my web site, ask for it, and since time has gone by, I don't even know if I have it in stock, what it looks like, etc.  But Dave Barnhouse has really painted a great winter country scene, people this winter have rediscovered it, and we have it available in Kindlingboxes and lodgeboxes.

Dave Barnhouse recreates the best of times in his rural and small town American art works. His portraits are snap shots of life the way he remembers it from the 1950s and 60s. "Collectors tell me they often put themselves in my art. It’s a way we all can relive some of the happiest moments of our youth." Barnhouse's works fall into the Americana genre, as he works with illumination and adds a nostalgic touch to give viewers feeling they are actually present and part of the painting,