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Chuck Pinson


We first met Chuck at High Point North Carolina at a furniture show.  He stopped by our booth and showed us what he did and actually gave us a small print to take home.  We love his art, some of which reminds us of the scenery around our Home town of Wentachee, Actually more like Leavenworth and the Tumsater canyon.

Born in the late ‘70s, Chuck grew up as the middle son of three boys in the small town of King, North Carolina.  Like most artists, he dabbled in art from a young age.  One day, as a teen, on a short break at work, he found some kids tempera paint and used an old rag to splotch out a quick autumn lake scene.  Later, his grandmother happened to see it, and being quite taken with it, she began to buy him some art supplies to practice with.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s he worked on degrees in Bible and ministry at Abilene Christian UniversityLater, he taught Bible courses at a large Christian high school, before beginning his professional art career.  Much credit is owed to others as he says, “ I would not be the artist, much less person I am today, were it not for the love and support of my wife, my family, and my friends.  I also give thanks for my teachers.  And all honor is due to God.”

With little regard for the world of art critics or stifling academia, Chuck desires to connect with those who share a love for his style and imagery.  The pursuit of artistic excellence in beauty and meaning has meant many years of experimentation and practice to produce the paintings you see today.  The creation of each image is given weeks of diligence.  Special consideration is given to the scene depiction, color coordination, execution of detail, illuminating qualities, and meaning.  Although influenced by the work of The Hudson River School Painters, G. Harvey, and several other artists, Chuck is most often compared to Thomas Kinkade.  While similarities may exist between any two certain authors, musicians, actors, or artists, who are working within the same genre, Chuck’s interests lie in developing completely original works that fit with his imagination and communicate his vision.

Chuck’s inspiration comes from a love of beauty, a passion for truth, and the desire to create images that both communicate and bring joy to others.  Seeking to merge his training and interest in ministry with the creation of art, some paintings go a step beyond the strokes of color and light to convey a message.  Hence, one can find warm themes such as community, love, romance, peace, relationship, faith, family, and spiritual truth infused within the subject matter.