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About Us

We are located at 3010 N.E. 193rd Lake Forest Park, WA. 98155

We are a small family business right now; I started this up 5 years ago to provide a business for my youngest daughter  Kelsey, who has MD, a sustainable and independent income source.  She is a Freshman at the University of Washington and  helps in many areas of the business, is very gifted artistically, mentally, and emotionally.  She is very busy taking tough college  courses and volunteering in the church and so forth, as well as enjoying a wide circle of friends, so I am lucky to get her help when I get it,  Kelsey has 3 older sisters who I have taken into the wilderness on many occasions, the last time was on a 10 day trek in the Peruvian Highlands to a couple of ancient  Inca sites, one called Choquequirao, which means "cradle of gold", then onwards to Quaryrachina, which means "place where gold is sifted by the winds", and then over two mountain passes, one of which was 15400' tall, and eventually winding up at Machu Pichu.  I have also traveled several times into the Guatemalan Jungles and several remote areas in Alaska including the arctic Wildlife refuge through Anucktuvik pass where we hunted for a couple of weeks traveling up and down the Colville River in 20' freighter canoes that were flown in.

  I feel the guiding hand of our creator in my work and I am not a bible thumping kind of guy.  In fact you won't often find me in Church, but I really feel like there is something guiding this business in the direction it is going.  Kelsey and her mom and sisters go to church much more than me.  Kelsey is in a youth group in church.  I used to be an alter boy, used to play the organ in church, and sang in the choir and I love music of all kiinds but you will find me listening a lot to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

I have been in a lot of businesses, with a lot of time in the steamship business working for APL, OOCL, Hanjin, and also owned my own export freight forwarding firm, a factoring business, a truck brokerage business, a fish wholesaling business, and other various businesses.  Have had a few big failures, minor failures, and a few big successes.  I excel in taking a small business and rapidly growing it, or taking a big business that has a small market share in a certain segment of their business and then rapidly growing that segment.

I grow businesses the old fashioned way by finding out what my customers want, delivering it to them, and owning up to and fixing my mistakes as  and when they occur.  Mistakes will occur if you are growing fast, but taking responsibility for them fixing them and communicating the problem and the solution to the customer, builds relationships that can weather a lot of storms.

I like to personally talk with my customers, not just e-mail and text.   A lot of people nowadays seem afraid to pick up the phone and talk.  Not me.  I love to get to know people and see what we can do together, whether it is just his one transaction, or maybe a repeat one down the road.  I like to find out what makes people tick, and like to share with them what "floats' my boat".

Mostly,  what I think is my best talent is my ability to listen.  Really listen.  Objectively listen, without any preconceptions.  Find out what the other guy wants, what is his big challenge of the day.  It is amazing how many opportunities i discover by listening to the challenges of other people.

I once had a Chinese partner and he was a little older than me, but he was full of life and used to come up with a new idea every day.  He used to say "problems create opportunities".  If we find out what our customers' problems are, opportunities will present themselves to us.  Sure enough he was right.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, in Lake Forest Park, a little Mayberry type of township a half hour north of Seattle.

We are a real family run business, with Debbie, my wife running the office and the books,   Kelsey, my youngest daughter providing the wind beneath our wings AND, doing a lot of the artistic digital work and creating the direction and content of our web site.

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