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fundraising with wine tasting and wine barrel auctions

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One of my good friends retired early and started up an urban winery.  They make very good wine but they are constantly seeking out ways to reach out in the market place and get recognized.  They go to wine tasting events whenever they can, giving away over 20% of their wine, either at these events, a sip at a time, or to charities for fundraisers.  He tells me all wineries give away at least that much!!!
My Rotary group has been relying on wine tasting as their main drawing card for years.  They allow the wineries to not only do tastings, but also sell their wine by the bottle or the case, with the Rotary group getting a cut of the sales.  We then have an auction.  With less then 200 attendees, we net over $70,000.
So coupling together these two themes, why not try to enliven your events with something new.  Have a wine tasting, then auction off one of my wine cabinets filled with wine, and make it an event that is different and fun for all.

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