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Krafting with Kelsey's Kindling boxes

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In conjunction with our new business segment, "Holiday Gift Boxes", we are going to introduce a few ideas for those of you who want to create something uniquely your own, but who may not have all the artistic talent in the world.  You want it to look good, not like something you made.

If you look at what we do, we find great artists, and their greatest art work, we get the licensing arrangement contractually arranged, we secure high res digital images of the art, we then go to a giclee factory and order giclee prints on canvas, then we go to another factory, and give them the design for our kindling boxes, which they produce.  We then ship some of the prints to the factory and some directly to us, we glue the prints onto panels which are then inserted into the frames of the kindlingbox.  We do the same thing with our other products.

We have always thought our kindling boxes were the ideal size for gift boxes of fruit and then when we thought of that, we thought of the beautiful fruit box labels that are often collectors, item, and thought how nice they would look on the kindling boxes.  However, there comes a time when you have to draw the lilne on how much you are going to invest in inventory, the question arises as to what labels would people want, so we decided in this instance, we would allow you to "connect some of the dots" and create your own apple boxes, cherry boxes, etc, by turning you on to a web site called who can be located here

For sometimes only 3 bucks you can order an original label.  You can choose to put one on each side, the two end, or the two sides, maybe buy some of his vintage seed packets and put them on,....take a look at his web site and get your creative juices flowing.  There is a lot you can do.


Now all you need to do is order one of our wood grain finish kindling boxes and you marry the two concepts up, and you have something very original that you crafted yourself. 

Here is an example of something you could do yourself.  This is from an apple Label from a firm founded in 1934 by Paul Thomas, known as Thommie, who I knew and whose son Dalton and his sons, now run the business.

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