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Xtapa/Zihuatenejo and inspecting my quality

excutcheons Isla Xtapa palapa snorkling soccer pitch wine barrel wine barrel cabinet Xtapa Zihuatenejo

The hard part of quality control is getting to Isla Xtapa so I can go snorkeling and relaxing under my palapa.Pepe, the factory manager is watching my reaction to his production run.  It looks very good and he is almost done, just needing to add hoops and escutcheons to the product and then stuff them into the cartons.This is a view of the village from the factory.  We are fairly high up here and whereas it will get up to 90 degrees at the beach, it will hardly be over 75 here and very cool at night, this being February.This is the soccer pitch the factory built and maintains.  The factory is up on the background hill.  Pepe was very proud of this when I mentioned it to him and while I was taking a picture, a bunch of people were approaching for a game.

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