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Sekiu Salmon Fishing

Puget Sound Salmon fishing Sekiu Straight of Juan De Fuca

Sekiu Salmon fishing was slow last week, but that didn't keep my brother and I from having a good time.  We arrived in the early afternoon, having earlier fished at Port Townsend and just catching a few dog fish and rock fish, spotting a very close Orca and discovering that our trailer lights didn't work all that well.  So later in the afternoon, we arrived at Sekiu and launch our little 14' boat with it's 10 horse motor and went out in the Straight of Juan de Fuca and tried our luck.  My brother was a little wary of the waves and swell, but I personally didn't think much of it and after awhile he simmered down and we enjoyed the afternoon but caught nothing.  After awhile, sitting cramped up in a little boat get's downright uncomfortable, particularly when no one around you are catching anything and you can only talk about previous successful trip for so long, before it is time to go in.


The breeze was picking up a little and likewise the rollers, but we were going with the wind and waves and normally that works pretty well.  We got past the caves and started heading in and the rollers got a little heavier.  Still, I wasn't missing a heart beat until my brother yells out something, I turn around and see that the engine is coming loose from the transom, but Dennis is fighting it down and tightening the toggle bolts.


Ever notice how things go to hell in a handbasket all at the same time? Old Murphy for you.  He knows how to make it exciting.  But anyway, we survived that and got into the dock, tied up and went to our hotel.  We were hungry and got talked into the special which was meatloaf.  The waitress had told us that every thing was just super, but this was really bad.  Anyway, it didn't cause much distress as we scraped off most of the tasteless gravy and hit the salad bar again, which wasn't bad.


Next morning we went out and Dennis felt more adventuresome and after not catching any in our usual place, he talked me into going out to a big buoy, way out there.  Everything was fine until we got out there, then the tide changed and the current messed up the tranquility of the water and we were in rollers and waves, along with a freshening wind.  The rollers were a good 10' tall and one mistake would have us swimming, so we heading back to shore.  I did catch one small king, but just pulled him in the last few feet by hand on the line and succeeded in banging him against the boat and that took care of finding out if he was legal, as it knocked the hook loose and back he went.

But the best part of the whole trip was just spending some time with my brother, laughing at all our difficulties, complaining a little about how stiff we were getting sitting cramped up on his death pram, and things like that.  Next time, we will catch the fish.


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