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Wine Cabinet with Post Alley Art

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The Pike Place Market's "Post Alley" by Kim Drew is our latest wine cabinet.  Post Alley's shows two views of the Public Market, Post Alley and Western Avenue where they intersect at an angle.  The colorful vegetable stands with an abundance of hot chili peppers, another stand in the foreground with apples, crab, and fish, then down the Western Ave side where you see the "Sanitary Public... sign next to which is next to the Greek Pastry shop (not showing).

There used to be a Columbian Cafe back in the bowels of the market in this vicinity who made a cheap soup for $1.50 which I would purchase back in the 70's, called the Copa Cabana.  If you know the market, right behind this picture was the Brenner Bros. Bakery.


Seattle's Public market, with it's great variety of vendors of fruits, vegetables, marine products, and exotic cuts of meats, as well as the restaurants and short order food stand which cater to practically any taste, are a great way to spend an afternoon.  The flower stalls, which have grown in abundance over the years, have wonderful bouquets you can purchase for 10 to 15 bucks.  Wine shops, cheese making, piano players, and a big selection of craftsmen and artisans set up temporary stand and hock their wares.  Some have a permanent space also.

One of my favorite restaurants in the market, and surrounded by the central din of vegetable, and fish mongers, is the Athenian Inn.  Until recently they had a menu with infrequently ordered things like finnan haddi, biltong, etc, and the nice thing was and still is, the great view you have of Elliot bay from their small booths in what must be the original hand made wooden style, with a linoleum like countertops.  A bar serves the early morning beer and wine, and another circular coffe bar surround the entry to the kitchen.  There is a 2nd floor.  I took my daughter and her boyfriend there on their recent visit and it became their hangout for breakfast every morning.

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