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New Wine Cabinet Design

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Our newest wine cabinet design breakthrough is a simplification of the design; a reduction in features, and a spareness in appearance.  We took out the side panels which contain the art and also the back panel.  This "see through" design is similar to a lot of the minimalist offerings you see at the storage store chains, but with a little taller, more robustly built structure.  The resulting design eliminates panels and art decoration but also reduces costs in other ways by eliminating the costly royalty fees to artists and licensing firms and also the expensive giclee prints which adorn the side panels.

I love art so I would never have one of these for myself, but I am used to losing the argument with people when iot comes to design, color schemes, and other decor choices.  My latest lost battle was in the color choice for our summer home.  IU wanted some Tuscan reds, browns and lavendars, some shaded, faded doors, and an apricot pumpkin interior, but what I got was battleship grey with white trim exterior, and the interior with a rotted dark pumpkin hue, not the bright one I wanted.

As for the stairs, I wanted to paint the stairs, alternating forest green, prussian blue, and alizarin crimson steps, with a yellow and blue runner, with gold whatever you call them stays.  Currently, a year later, we have yet to pick out the runner.  The outside doors are painted red, however, so I won that arguement basically by painting them before anyone caught on to what I was doing.

My point being that overwhelmingly the conservative members of the family always seem to win the color scheme argument - that is , if you want to keep the family together, I guess.  And so we think this new minimalist design will be a big hit with all the conservative people out there, so feast on.

Our Jessica Minimalist design is shown.

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