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YOA and remembrances of coyote hunting with Harry

Best Friends coyoite hunting Jessica Model Madras Oregon Terry Redlin waterville Wine Cabinet YOA Youth Outdoor Adventures

We just shipped a Jessica Model wine cabinet, with a Terry Redlin Image called "Best Friends",  to the Youth Outdoor Adventures group in Madras Oregon and reviewed their web site and their video on what they do and the safety programs they put on.  Back in my youth, i'm sure I took a safety program, but over time some of it wore off and  the desire for a cold beer, driving around the Waterville backroads on a suddenly sunny winter afternoon day, and the fact that coyotes never give you much time to load up, get out of your truck, aim and fire(Not necessarily in that order), set us up for what became our little hunting safety accident.

We had walked down to this old abandoned farmhouse, and did our imitation rabbit in distress call, our loud howler calls, mouse squeaks, etc, all to no avail.  By the time we got back to the pickup, we were hot and ready for a cold bear.  The truck was filled with dried mud, as the roads were melted from the sun.  Harry got in first and then I clambered in, shut the door, and rested my arms against the rifle and somehow proceeded to pull the trigger on my 30-06 with it's accelerators in the chamber.  Shame on me, I had forgotton to unload the gun and BOOM, then a cloud of dust, then Harry asking me if I'm alright, then after my ears had cleared a little, the hissing sound coming from outside the truck.


I asked Harry, "what do you suppose that Hissing sound is?"  Harry said "What"

I repeated myself louder, "the hissing sound, what is that?


Anyway, i got out to investigate and discovered we (I guess it wasn't we, just me) had shot a hole in the front right tire and we were going to have to change a flat out here in the muddy dead end road.  Which we did.

l still walk fine, thank God I didn't shoot my fool foot off, and my hearing probably took a beating, one of many it took on my hunting escapades.


Anyway, what reminded me of this was the video that YOA put out wherein there is a guy talking about just that subject and the necessity of always being careful that your gun is unloaded when traveling.  And not pointing it at your foot if you don't.

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