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Successful Fundraising with the WAG - Wine/Art/Gun Cabinet

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The most succesful banquets utilizing the WAG as the fundraising vehicle, have done it by selling raffle tickets for $20 bucks each.  Then buckets are put in front of the items and the ROI is determined by how many $20 tickets are in the bucket, divided by the the cost of the item.  The last lady I talked with on this, at a FNRA banquet in Texas, last March, had to put a 5 gal bucket in front of the WAG to collect all the tickets.  She had no idea how many ticket there were, probablyu 300 to 500 tickets, so they raised $6,000 to upward of $10,000 on that one measly little $400 item.  Course this year they are going for it again and adding our wine cabinet, the Jessica Model with Grapes and Goldfinch by Rosemary Millette, as well as a lodgebox with Caped Crusaders, one of our new artists, Daniel Smith, and then a Kindlingbox with a black bear by Millette, called Streamside Bears.  We are throwing in a free toy box, called Bergsma Bunnies, by Jody Bergsma, for the little girls in the crowd, and a few firestarters for the kindling box, made by Super Cedar, a local firm and actually one of my neighbors.


We are also going to give a promo discount coupon, that the NRA can also sell, for after the banquet purchases at  our web site, retail facility with greatly discounted pricing AND, a 10% after banquet spiff to the chapter.  So thats how the smart ones are doing it and I thought I would share this with you so you too can be amongst the cogniscenti.

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