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Designing pedestal stands or plant stands

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Designing a product is a many layered approach.  First is the conceptual drawing to see the look and proportions and see if it is pleasing to the eye.  Then moving onto the functionality, the question is to add more features and if so, will that add real value and utility.  We are in the final stages of rolling out our pedestal stand.  Originally we called it a plant stand, and it certainly can be that, but for certain markets, and because of its artistic nature, with the giclee artwork on the side, we started seeing  it as a place to display a small bronze, or perhaps a Chihuly vase, if one has one of those.

We also liked how it looked when we  added more shelves.  Originally we saw it as only having at most 2 shelves, plus the bottom shelf, but now we see it being very adaptable to holding a variety of keepsakes and treasures, photos, and yes plants.

The framework is taken almost 100% from our wine cabinet and book cabinet frames.  By doing this, our factory can churn out the same proportioned wood with the same connectivity, without having to change jigs.  We get the same package size, just not as tall, same foam and package protection procedures, AND, the same size artwork panels.

So now we can introduce artwork across at least four SKU’s – two wine cabinets, a book case, and now the pedestal stand.

Soon we will add a fifth SKU utilizing this frame, and that will simply have a wider top and wider shelves and it will be useful either as a bookshelf, or as a small entry way table, again with the same great range of artwork.  And, for those who want it plain, we will introduce woodgrain panels, and panels with choices from the  subdued to the lush - patterns.

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