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New wine barrel shaped wine cabinet

wine barrel wine cabinet

Nestled in the mountains is a little village in Michoacán province called Nuevo San Juan Pangacarituro.  It is called Nuevo, or new, because the old village was slowly cover up by a volcano about a century ago.  The villagers were able to move out of the way in time and rebuilt at a safer distance from the volcano.  It is in this village that my factory resides.

The village owns the factory. They also own the lumber mill next door, the molding mill, the power company, the bus service, some of the avocado farms in the region, and the forest from whence the pine trees are harvested in a sustainable fashion.

The factory is becoming more modern as they are now adding CNC (computer numerical cutting) machines.  Now the uniformity of cutting and drill hole placement is exact and creates a very dependable product.

We are now jointly developing a newly designed product which simulates the look of a wine barrel that has been converted to a wine cabinet.  While converting wine barrels into wine cabinets is not new, and the look is very popular, to simulate the look of a wine barrel, in the fashion we are creating, is going to transform this segment of the market.  Why is this so?  First of all, the size of our model will be more compact as it is oval, rather than round, taking up less footprint space but providing the same or more storage capacity.  Secondly, wine barrels, even old ones, are in fairly high demand, so they are expensive to buy and create logistical problems in storage, rehandling, and repackaging.  So the end product, while nice, is very large and quite expensive.  Thirdly, ours are made out of white pine rather than oak, which is a much lighter wood and therefore cheaper to ship, not only from a weight viewpoint, but also from a dimensional weight aspect for those of you familiar with this term from UPS.

Basically dimensional weight, which can exceed the real weight of an object, is calculated by multiplying the three dimensions of the carton, and dividing by 166.  If dimensional weight exceeds s scale weight, then you get charged the dimensional weight.

Getting back to the design and production, after we have fastened the barrel staves to the frame, we will apply beeswax infused stain to the wood, allow it to dry and cure overnight or maybe two nights, depending on the weather, humidity, and temperature, then apply another coat.  After drying, we stretch a bronzed hoop  around each perimeter, just like a regular barrel has hoops, only in our case, we also decorate the hoop with several  antique hammered and dimpled round  escutcheons on each side and top


To see a picture and more description go here

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