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Wine cabinet product revisions

Kelsey's Collection has completely restyled their wine cabinet with subtle changes that cumulatively add more functionality and ease of assembly.  Starting out we analyzed the width of the racks that support the wine bottles and narrowed them by 50%.  This created enough space to add an additional wine rack, a shelf, or a small drawer.


We then developed a small drawer, big enough for a bottle opener, napkins, a cheese knife, or whatever.  While this is a KD drawer, we used conformat screws, rather than bolts and dowels or cams and cam locks and this makes the drawer easy to assembler.  The next challenge in the drawer was making the wood drawer glides, which are on the sides but attached to the cabinet, easy to precisely attach.  We think we accomplished this by the use of four L brackets, pre-attached to the glides, and pre-drilled holes in the frames to properly attach them.

We then tackled the frame connecting hardware and decided to abandon the cam lock system and go with a metal dowel and bolt system (metal to metal), a system we are confidant is much easier to work with, and creates a much stronger connection.  We also beefed up the thickness of the frames where they are connected at the factory to further4 minimize breakage issues duri8ing transit due mishandling by UPS.

At this stage, we also increased the height of the frames by 1” to 34”.  The back panel channels were doubled to insure the back panel fits, but also has some latitude for expansion and contraction, due varying moisture conditions.


The top was also changed so that is connects with conformat screws through the top cross supports.  This change makes it easier to assemble, and also reduces the carton size requirements.  An additional cross support was added at this stage also.

These changes now mean that both the Jessica and Lindsey models have increased capacity of 20 and 30 wine bottle, respectively, and the book cabinet, now has the capacity for an additional shelf, or a drawer.

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