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I can't believe it has been six years since my journey to Peru with my three oldest daughters, my Friend Frank, and his youngest daughter.  We took a trip into the highlands of Peru with a baggage train of water, food, and supplies (15 mules and a horse) and spent 10 days hiking thru some of the most beautiful country in the world.  We went over two mountain passes, the first was 13,500 feet tall, and the second was 15,500 feet.  We saw inca ruins seldom visitet even today.  The most popular was Choquequirao, which means "cradle of gold".  On the other side of Choquequirao is a just recently discovered terrace system called the llamas, which is still beiing uncovere3d , but which exhibits llamas created by inserting white rocks into the terrace walls in the shape of a llama.  At the bottom of the terraces, is the image of a shephard.  When we were there, only about half the terraces were uncovered.

Lest I forget, at the top is a weaving snake, in white rock, on the top terrace.


I wrote a book on our adventures which is in hardback on Bl;urb, but also digitally available for only $3.99.


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