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Putting on a new roof at our Hoods Canal summer home

Hood canal Hunter Farms Olympic Mountain Ice Cream

This week i had a crew over putting up a new roof.  The weather was nice for the first day and a half, then it turned worse, with quite a bit of rain, but we had the protective tar paper down in time to avoid any problems.  The magnolia trees were in full bloom, the smaller one by our hot tub frames our view out into the sound and the one in the back yard is an enormous tree just filled with blossoms.  While I was down there i took a drive up toward Union, then Hunter farms, then took the Purdy cutoff road up along the Skokomish river till I got the main highway, then crossed the highway and headed up the valley, going by W. Polly Jacobs Lane, then over the bridge at Hunter creek and as far as Bambi Farms Road.  I was going to go up the road to visit Olympic Mountain Ice Cream and their small factory up there but decide to await another day,.  The ponds along the way were at the brim and about to go over the road in places.  I returned to Hunter Farms and bought a cup of kentucky pie ice cream and ate it while visiting their green house.  Then when I returned it was time to go dig clams and pick some oysters off the beach, shuck the oysters, and wash the clams, then soak the clams in salt water so they would clean out all the sand from their system.

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