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Hiroshige images decorate wine cabinets at Kelsey's Collection

Hiroshige images dominate our Asian section of decorated wine cabinets and book cabinets.  We have also added another new (to us)_ artist, Kunisada (Toyokuni), who was one of the leading lights of the Ukioyoye school of wood block print artists in the mid 19th century.  We are doing some research on this school of artists and the wide variety of subjects and styles they encompass.  In reading a book on Hiroshige, written in 1925 by Strange, we are allowed into his world by the recitation of portions of one of  his many diaries.  It is evident from his diary that Hiroshige was a very busy man who liked different experiences, and could paint several paiintings in a day, then party hardy into the night.  He definetely like his sake.

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