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Holiday gift chests

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Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and may the New Year be the best ever!!!

Kelsey’s Collection has been test marketing our holiday gift chest for two seasons now.  What we have discovered is people really like them and no one else is doing anything like it.  The value proposition is 20 pounds of fresh crisp hand selected apples from the best growing area in the world, Wenatchee, Washington.  In addition a timelessly beautiful painting scene by Terry Redlin on a very useful fireside kindling chest.  And then there is the beauty and craftsmanship of the solid pine chest that is pre-assembled and remains as a reminder of your thoughtfulness and love.

To spice up the offering, we can add cheese, wine, and/or nuts, which are tastefully stored in a glass jar.

We are slightly redesigning our kindling chest in three ways:

  1. Flush bottom rather than legs as the weight of the contents could break through the cardboard in transit at the legs.
  2. Pre-assemble at the factory the chests. Our rehandling costs and set up costs drove this decision, but then we discovered that UPS doesn’t penalize us for this with their dimensional pricing, and two, it will be more convenient for our end users when just buying the chest only.
  3. The stain and hue will be darkened considerably to a dark cherry.

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