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Charity fundraising at Kelsey's Collection

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Kelsey’s Collection supports charitable organizations by making unique quality products that are popular and are “bid up” in live auctions.  Our lodge boxes were our mainstay product for many years.  Conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited or the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation would buy these items from us, we would ship them one by one all over the country to their various fundraising banquets and they would auction them off for at least double what they paid for them.  We jointly achieved two things with our products: we made money for the organization, and their members had something new and different that they liked.

If your charity event has the same tired items year after year, you are going to bore your donors but more importantly, the volunteers who are running the event.

Our wine cabinets are now proving to be the most popular item as so many events like to create a wine tasting event for their charity.  People like to drink wine and seeing a wine cabinet with art incorporated in the design, along with maybe a few donated bottles of wine from the hosting winery, makes for a very sought after item.

The most important phase of our charity programs is our new “affiliate marketing” approach which allows the charities to tie in a popular line of products with their membership, like a rewards program for charities.  More on this program on our next blog.

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