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David Brooks on Higher Education

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I was reading an article by David Brooks this morning in the Wall Street Journal about the purposes of a higher education and the oftentimes transformative experience of higher education, at least in the old days, and I was impressed first of all by how erudite David Brooks is, what a deep thinker he is, and h how he, unlike so many others these days is concerned by where we as a society are headed.

Well, as I leafed through the journal, I read that Microsoft is thinking of investing big money into a gaming business I had never heard of, and how Apple is introducing several new products in the phone and technocracy field, Alibaba is planning their big refinancing and IPO, among which will be some more investments in games, and then I got to the meat and potatoes of what was going on in the world, and it doesn’t even bear repeating how gloomy and vile the world is becoming.

So after feeding the koi, letting some of the cats out and others in, finding a couple of choice worms for my koi, trying to get my internet speed up to snuff (Comcast is such a drag these days) I reflected on the question, “how did people in the old days occupy their time before all of these gadgets and games”?

Imagine yourself in Paris in the late 1800’s.  If you were lucky enough to be part of the fun crowd and weren’t making a living mucking out the sewers or begging for scraps, you would read a lot, go to plays, and then for further intellectual stimulus, you would go to a café and discuss the play or book with some of your enlightened friends.  Try doing that today.  No one in my family reads a newspaper or a heavy tome and all of them have a college degree.  Except me, of course.  I read and would die for a little intellectual discourse from just about anyone, but it is slim pickings.

Maybe I just hang around with the wrong crowd, but in liberal left Seattle, try finding someone intelligent to discuss things with.

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