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Fresh Cherry Gift baskets

bing cherries cherries fruit baskets gift baskets Kelsey's Collection rainier cherries

Fresh, firm, juicy, colorful yellow orange, ripe, plump rainier cherries, OR dark alizarin crimson Bing cherries  from a small orchard in East Wenatchee.  "Mary's Cherries" are freshly picked at a home orchard, hydro cooled, then refrigerated for a day, then packed and air freighted the following morning to arrive at your door step within a few days.  Fully insulated with a coolant pack added, you will want to invite your friends and neighbors over for this bountiful box of fruit.

Eating a pound or two at a sitting, relaxing outside so you can just spit out the seeds, and washing it down with a little ice water - summer just doesn't get any better than this.


We have a couple of options, both options allow for a generous amount of cherries, what we call a lug, which is 15#.  You can order either the deluxe version which is packaged in a kindlingbox, with about 60 selections of great art to choose from, or a standard pack in cardboard.  In either case, adequate insulation, cushioning, and a refrigerant pack will be preserving your fruit till it's arrival.  The crop is just coming on full steam right now and it is expected to be a bumper crop.  no "cherry rains" have occurred so far, so there will be very few splits.  Nor has their been any hail or high winds which can certainly bruise the fruit. 

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