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Wine and What are standards?

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I’m not a wine connoisseur but I can appreciate what goes into the process of making great wines, growing great grapes, having Mother Nature cooperate with you to produce a maybe not a bumper crop, but quality crop of grapes that combined with craftsmanship, result in a great wine.

There has to be a difference between the wine that is made from 10 year old vines and 100 year old vines.  And the same must be true for olive oils coming from certain regions, certain vine types, and certain years.

There are standards by which we can somewhat objectively arrive at a consensus on what is truly good and what is mediocre.

Why am I having this discussion?  Because the other night a bunch of us were sitting around the fire discussing whether there was an objective standard, or a truly objectively excellent wine.  It basically seemed to be the consensus view, which, of course, has nothing to do with “truth” that whatever you liked was what was good.  This relativistic viewpoint I emphatically objected to.

I believe there is objective truth.  We may never know what that is, we are incapable of understanding in a rational way, the ultimate truths, but we can strive to find it, in fact if you think about it, the story of man’s progress is the search for the better way, the easier way, the best way to do things, to live life, to raise a family, and to interact with our fellow man.  It really isn’t relative.  There is a good way and a bad way of doing things.

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