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WAG - Wine Art & Gun Cabinets

gun Cabinet WAG WAG-USA Wine art Gun Cabinet Wine cabinet

Sales Are Brisk with the WAG's , the Wine Art and Gun Cabinets this year and as a 3rd year evolved product, we have made it a lot easier to put together by assembling some of the pieces, more accurate machining, and much superior assembly instructions.  The written instructions are supplemented with a video. The only problem I have is some of you think these cam locks are indestructible and you reef on them till they break.  A better solution is to get them in place till they are rather resistant and then put a drop of super glue in the hole and that will do the trick.  SUPER GLUE THE CAM LOCKS.  After putting it together I can't imagine wanting to disassemble and re-assemble it again.  We have 2 versions but by and large most of our volume is with the Pine import version, not the Made in USA, which has been a little disappointing, but we are certainly not giving up.  A link to the WAG Assembly instructions is here

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