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MADE in USA -Twin Beds - official launch today

bedroom furniture beds Made in USA Twin Beds

Today my brother and I completed our first twin bed made out of an assortment of solid woods.  I have had tens of thoursand of childrens beds made in China and was going to try and make some in Mexico, but instead decided that if I had a simple enough design, even one I could make, that maybe i could make it just as cheaply as overseas and without all the problems of dealing with travel, quality control, customs, steamship lines, customs house brokers, insurance, truckers, longshoremen, the list goes on.  My forecast on material cost is fairly close for this stage of the project as I'm not able to buy wholesale nor get any volume discounts or respect at this stage of the game.  Labor costs remain to be seen, but we think these will be manageable and within line of forecast.  Fortunately at this stage I work for nothing, and since I used to value my time, working for a steamship line, at $300 per hour in 1980, you can imagine what kind of a bargain Kelsey's collection is getting now.  Course no one else in 1980 thought my hourly rate was worth that until I left the company, then the chairman of the board of the holding coompany asked "what happened" and a few eyebrows lifted, but this is history and a long time ago.  Got to concentrate on the now.  For now Our facilities cost will be nill as I will work it off some property i own, presently heavily utilized but now stretched to the  max.  but that is what "Additions" are for, as I will be busting out a wall here and adding a little roof there and make room for this project.  Hopefully it will be as much fun as I think it will be.

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