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Decorating and Customizing your Kelsey's Wine Cabinets

customization decorating wine cabinet

Our unique fabrication method allows the side panels which are usually decorated with canvas giclee art, to be removed easily and if desired, your own art can be glue on, or you may choose some wall paper, or textile cloth patterns, bamboo mats, decorative paper, fancyy art paper from an art store, christmas wrapping paper, or perhaps some other ideas will come to your mind.  Whatever it is, try it out and see if you like it.  If others like, all the better, but certainly it will be your expression of what you like.  And then, if you get tired of it, or want to decorate a book shelf next, don't hesitate to purchase another one from us.


The method we use to apply the glue to the panel, is to pour some Titebond premium wood glue into a paint roller pan.  I'm sure Elmers would work well also, then get a foam roller, roll the glue onto the board, then apply your print unto the board.  Smooth out the bubbles, let dry for about 4 hours, and it is ready to be reinserted into the wine cabinet.  While rolling on the glue, have the panel, laying on a table, but extending ove the edges, so that if your roller goes over the edge, it will not put glue on your table.  do one side and end, then turn it around and do the other side.  I like to have a screw driver hand to press down on the board, while glueing the last of it, rather than trying to hold it steady while rolling the roller back and forth.

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