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Morelia and our new factory

Morelia patscuraro

Just before Christmas I took a trip to review production at our new factory in Mexico.  This is our ffirst time producing in Mexico and while it is closer to home than say China, and certainly Thailand, in many respects there are additional first time challenges that we had to overcome.  However, I was very pleased with the quality and the attitude of the people, from top to bottom.  Morelia is a colonial city which the Spanish took over in the early 1500's.  There is a lot of history here and some wonderful old buildings, churches, schools, and palaces.  The city is at about 6000 feet, so it isn't as  hot as on the coast.  Avacados are one of the predominate crops, it being the avacado capital growing reqion of the world.  Located in Michoacan province, about a two hour drive from Mexico City, the surrounding villages all have something unique to offer.  I had an extra day to visit and went to Patscuaro and to the islandl, climbin up to the top to climb inside the giant statue that overlooks the lake and surrounding countryside.  It is a beautiful view from on top. Our factory is actually located a couple of hours outside of Morelia in a samll village.  They are vertically integrated, bringing the logs from the forest, pealing them, then cutting up the lumber.  Adjacent to the lumber mill is the furniture factory, wherein they were making many different articles of furniture, including children's cribs for the domestic market.

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