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Wallpaper Customized Wine Cabinets

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Custom wallpaper patterns can be easily applied to Wine Cabinet Side panels made by Kelsey" Collection.  The side panels of the wine cabinets can be easily removed, then get some Titebond glue found at Home depot, or probably Elmers would work just fine also, then get a foam paint roller, pour the glue in the paint roller pan, roll some glue on the roller, apply evenly to the panel, then having already pre-cut the wall paper to fit the panel, apply the wall paper to the panel.  It might be a good idea to cut the wall paper with a "fudge border" an extra 1/2 inch, and roll the wall paper in a roll, then unroll it on the board. It then needs to be carefully smoothed out with a straight edge so the surface is smooth. I will post a video link on how to do this on U tube to show how this process is done.  Or you can have us do it for you, just supply us with the wall paper you want and we will apply it for you at no additional charge.


We have a few wallpaper patterns we have picked out which welike, but wallpaper is such a personal statement and there are so many patterns out there  that is=t is impossible for us to try and stockpile everyone's need, but by providing either the methodolgy for you to do it, and of course the pride of having done it yourselv., or having us doing it and not having to mess with the mess or break down a new learning curve, well that we can all appreciate.  I must confess, for me it was very intimidating my first attempts at applying giclee prints to the panels, so I wouldn't blame you for wanting us to do it.  And we will be happy to do it for you.

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