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Kelsey's Affinity for Art

Bill Gates Bulb Boxes Cakes And Ale Somerset Maughan Susan Bourdet

An Article entitled "What Bill Gates is Blind To" in the Wall Street Journal today (November 22nd, 2013) caught my eye.  I am a great admirer of Bill Gates so someone finding fault with him certainly sounded controversial.  Without delving into the controversy of some remarks Gates made, and the refutation of those remarks by the writer, I would just like to highlight the articles' justification for art.


What struck my eye, more than anything, was the quotation by Somerset Maugham, in his novel "Cakes and Ale", wherein he said that "Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger".  As I was reading these words, the morning sun was rising higher in the sky on one of those rare crisp cold frost mornings here in the the Puget Sound.  I  had earlier taken Kelsey to school and remarked to one of her friends what a beautiful day it was.  She, not being used to cold crisp days, thought my attitude a little odd.  I remarked to her that in my home town  of Wenatchee, we had days like this all the time, only a little colder and that i would walk a mile to school, rather than take the bus, because i liked the feel and sensation of cold air on my cheeks and the beauty of the morning as I viewed the frost on the trees, the snow on the surrounding mountains, and, most importantly, the rosy cheeks I got from walking in the cold.  I told her on days like that, i didn't need blush make up or anything, that nature provided it.  This of course got a chuckle out of her and an embarrassed sigh out of kelsey, but oh well.


So in a roundabout way, I am trying to say is that the "ecstasy" of art is what Kelsey's Collection is constantly striving to achieve through our furniture design and our art selections.  Maybe the beauty you see right now is the hummingbird in the window nectar feeder you hopefully put inside during the freezing cold night, and dutifully brought out in the early morning, or maybe it is that same look by Susan Bourdet on one of the flower bulb boxes we have produced, but in any case, the desire to see the beauty in things is one of our passions, one we hope you enjoy also.


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