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Kindlingboxes and Super Cedar Firestarters

Kelsey's Collection makes the nicest kindling boxes out there but we don't make kindling nor firestarters, but we know someone who does and they are Super Cedar and the can be found at

Here is a little information on them.

Super Cedar Firestarters were developed in 1978 by Thomas Reynolds for a well known restaurateur, Ivar Haglund of Ivar’s Seafood. Ivar needed something for his chefs to start their green alder for smoking salmon. After many prototypes Thomas had a firestarter he knew would do the job. Ivan and his chefs were thrilled with this new and simple way of lighting a fire.

Thomas began giving the firestarters to his local firewood customers and not only did he receive great feed back, he also started getting orders! Before long, many of his relatives were helping him in his new venture.

In 1991 Thomas met and became engaged to Lara. She encouraged Thomas to build a machine and pursue his vision of making the Super Cedar Firestarters a household product.

Their efforts have proven to be successful. Today the Super Cedar Firestarters are sold around the world as the cleanest, safest, and fastest firestarter on today’s market.

i know these people, as Lara, lucky Thomas Reynolds wife, was one of three daughters of my neighbor across the street, Bert Lambert, world famous bicyclist and raconteur.  Bert bicycled across the United states several times, Did some traveling in Russia on a bike which was a real adventure, saved only by Berts ability to speak Russian.


so anyway, they are good people and if you want a good firestarter, they can ship all over the world, so look them up.

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