Pine wine racks hope chests bookcases with giclee art
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Lodgebox Auctioneers Fact Sheet

blanket chest Lodgebox

Kelsey's Collection's Lodgebox-pine blanket chest or hope chest has great art giclee canvas printed on three sides. Also functions as a bench. High quality craftsmanship and famous artwork make unique home decor furniture. Lid is strengthened with 3 strakes.  Measures 48x19x20.  The lid is connected with 3 L shaped hinges which are connected with five screws.  Easy to assemble in 45 minutes, weighs 40 pounds. Two piston dampers soften the lid closing to protect fingers.

Two Piston Dampers soften the closing action of the lid and also keep the lid open when desired.  The art panel are replaceable and reversible.


Perfect size for fireside use for seating, blankets, collectibles, fly rods, soccer bags, kids junk, paraphernalia; just a multitude of uses. Dimensions 48” by 18” by 19” Weight 40 # Some assembly required, packaged for drop shipment, EDI capable, shipping ctn 52” by 24” by 7”. Shipping weight 46# Easy to assemble in less than 20 minutes.

Now go to the artists page and copy that section on the artist featured on the lodgebox you chose.  Probably shorten or highlight the description.

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