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WAG-USA Our gun cabinet, which poses as a wine wine cabinet - Creative Update

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Sometimes you get too many cooks in the kitchen and everyone has a slightly different and nuanced taste.  We try to accomodate these nuances with our art and also with the wood choices and stain choices.  Eventually, though, if you are going to produce things in volume, you have to make eliminate some really great ideas which are just way ahead of the current market.  I once designed an "air oven" for the domestic market.  Really just a convection oven, but this one also had a steam feature which,  to this day, I haven't seen one on the market.  Was that a good idea?  I don't know, but I haven't the millions of dollars to find out, nor the energy to push it out the door and into the market.


Marketing is key to any product, and I can't say I'm any genius at it.  Our original idea for the WAG_USA was to get some advertising through a gun rights organization that a friend of mine told me he had access to - for a share of the profits type of arrangement.  This appealed to me as i knew how much it would cost to advertise in the NRA, which was, and is still,  a logical choice.

So this now gets back to the cooks in the kitchen problem.  Now, in order to please this friend, I needed to produce a video.  After producing the video I was informed I needed to make two different version of the WAG, one in Mission, and another with a butcher block top (he seemed to have a fixation for Butcher block tops, wanting me to design quite a few products with a butcher block - that would fit into the kitchen  of all things).  so now I was going to have to get my factory to do two more tops ( we could photoshop the tops into the rest of the scenes)  This would make my third photo session.


As this was moving along, the money flowing out, it was opined the web site need to be reworded.  Done,  Meanwhile my factory, thinking a butcher block top was about the dumbest idea they had heard of, and my other consultant who owns 5 high end hardwood furniture stores, and sells no butcher block giamadoos of any sort, well, they just revolted and stop returning my phone calls - they weren't going to waste my money or their time making the tops.  thank goodness!!


Anway, then it was opined by my friend that we need a special image or two for his friend who owned the Gun rights organization.  Having been working on this for over six months now, I decided this was the straw that was going to break the camel's back.  Since I was already selling my China version of the WAG, with a compliment of about 40 image  choices,  and had sold many WAG-USA's with the offerings I had, I decided that enough was enough, and that my friend either just lacked the balls to go in and talk to his friend about this project, didn't really have a relationship worth beans with the guy, or just liked to waste my time.  I am very resilient, however.  You get that way when, for instance, the barge that holds 2 million bucks worth of really necessary equipment, breaks loose from its tug in the Unimak Pass, in 100 knot plus winds - thats 115 MPH FYI.  You hop on a steel hulled crabber, with a dry skipper and go out and chase it down, it drifting almost to the Pribilof islands.  What an adventure, this during the month of January and only 2 months after I had finally got my girl friend, Debbie, in a weak moment for sure, to Marry me.  I called her from the crabber via satelite link after we had hooked it up, and she said to me, what are YOU doing out there, you know nothing about rescuing barges afloat. 

Anyway, I digessed, we were talking about resilience.  As a result of all this 6 months of  folderol on marketing, I am going to go in another direction and just market it myself, in whatever fashion that takes and cut out the overhead I had added into the price to pay these two bohunkeses for their involvement, which they didn't  think was enough in any case.  I have learned over the years, and keep relearning, that if my "partners" don't have any skin in the game, they just don't have the stick to it mentality to push things over the edge.

I could go on forever telling you of adversities in business I have overcome and thrived because of them and I am sure my readers can recollect the same.


So stay tuned, we will have better prices for you, and a very well designed, and  skillfully crafted, piece of furniture for you that you will be proud to show off,

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