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A saint speaks from Guatemala

Advent Guatemala Mission Rabinal

Dear Friends of the misión in Rabinal,


Advent poem for 2016

The new year came and went, but the old one is new again.

Happy new year in the grace of God.

Fall has fallen but where did it go?

The leaves, the colors, the smell of must in the air

Now gone, hidden, under the mantel of winter

Frost clinging to the branches, snow on the ground,

The year disappeared like rain in the desert,

And I can’t follow after to reclaim it.

It lies underground, hidden in the recesses of my mind.

I will try to dredge...

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Post election

I am soo relieved that the liberal politically correct deluge is showing signs of lifting.  There are still plenty of fireworks popping off like they do late in the night on the fourth when most people have gone to bed but the drunks and low grade mental defectives are still up baying at the moon but for the most part the signs look good that good things will get done.

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Selling our business

I’m selling my business and retiring – this time for good.

What I have to offer:

1. Profitable and unique products all designed and packaged for UPS/FedEx delivery

2. Factories in Mexico and China to make the products.

3. Established markets

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fundraising with wine tasting and wine barrel auctions

charity events fundraising Wine Barrel wine barrel cabinet wine tasting

One of my good friends retired early and started up an urban winery.  They make very good wine but they are constantly seeking out ways to reach out in the market place and get recognized.  They go to wine tasting events whenever they can, giving away over 20% of their wine, either at these events, a sip at a time, or to charities for fundraisers.  He tells me all wineries give away at least that much!!!
My Rotary group has been relying on wine...

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California Deer Association Grosses $750 on Wine Barrel Cabinet

California Deer Association Wine Barrel wine barrel cabinet

I recently promoted my wine barrel wine cabinet to the California Deer Association in the following manner.  They paid for the shipping, and we split the auction or raffle proceeds.  To enhance the profitability for both of us, I recommended they find a winery to donate wine to put in the cabinet. The average winery donates 25% minimum of their wine to either wine tastings or charitable events.

It auctioned off for $750.  The pre event estimate for the attendance...

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