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Chapter 2 Colville River september 4, 1981

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Chapter 2 Colville River September 4, 1981
I got up around 5, got the fire started and put on the coffee water and tried to rouse the camp.
Eventually everyone got out of the sack, got a little organized and we headed out to pack out the moose. L After we packed it in, we ate breakfast, then Harry Dennis and I headed upriver to where we had seen caribou from the plane from yesterday. We saw caribou of at a distance, and Harry and Dennis lobbied the artillery at them a few times, but to no effect.
After the shooting, we separated and I went up to the top of the hill to see what was on the other side. I saw nothing interesting and return to where I had departed from them, this being about three hours later, and glassed the brush below me. A moose head poked out of the brush and my heart started pounding. He was a bull, not a very big rack compared to what I was later to see, but still and all, it was a big animal and very exciting. He disappeared into the brush but I followed him as he traveled. I then saw that there were two moose, and by patiently watching confi9rmed for sure that I was seeing at least one bull.
I looked all around but saw no Dennis or Harry (happily), and decided that I would have this moose all to myself. I planned my stalk to coincide with his rate of movement and headed down the hi8ll side. No sooner had I reached bottom then there, 300 yard, behind me were my brother and Harry. Drat my luck.
So I headed through the brush, they following, which I thought was good, but after approaching to within 300 yards of the probable spot, I slowed down, allowing them to get parallel with me. Now we would advance on him.
As luck would have it, Harry spotted him first and fired away – one shot and he was down, then he gets up, - another shot by Harry, then another, then down again. I was running over to get closer to the action, saw a cow take off but no more bulls. We got closer, Harry fired a finisher shot and we now had our 2nd moose and it was 4:30.
We took out our Wyoming skinners and had him cleaned, skinned and heading to the beach with the quarters, Harry carrying one front quarter over his shoulder. Harry and I then walked down the river on the gravel beach to get the freighter canoe. Harry had to do all the work as my waders were safely back in camp. We then took our packs which were in the canoe and hauled out the rest of the moose, put him in the canoe, and with not much freeboard, we all got in the canoe and headed down river as fast as we could safely go. As we ro9unded a bend, we noticed some slight riffles in the water and hit an upriver fierce wind, one which was constant and bone chilling.
We dragged into camp late that evening, tired but satisfied that we had done the most that we could do in one day. We discussed the day’s events with the other guys. They had gone across the river and clambered up the bluff and then walked for a long way but they had no luck seeing anything.
This was one of our busier days, hauling out 2 moose. It is easy to forget the beautiful ptarmigan we saw with their white, wings and light brown body, clucking furiously as they flew away, but certainly memorable was the biting wind, the snow flurries and the secret enjoyment we all shared in overcoming the elements.

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