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Hunting and Fishing Stories with Charlie Bright

Bushmen - Entiat hotshots - a nostalgic look back to the 60's

Charles D Bright

Down some cold field in a world unspoken
The young men are walking together, slim and tall,
And though they laugh to one another, silence is not broken;
There is no sound however clear they call.

They are speaking together of what they love in vain here,
But the air is too thin to carry the thing they say.
They were young and golden, but they came on pain here,
And their youth is age now, their gold is gray.

Yet their hearts are not changed, and they cry to one another,
“What have they done...

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chapter 3, Colville River Alaska

September 5, 1981 Colville River, Alaska Moose hunt
We all decided to go upriver, Dennis, Larry and I on one side, and Jim, Harry and Squats on the other. We saw a lot of game, but it was all too far away to shoot.
We split up a little, Dennis and Larry going along a dry wash, and then splitting up. Dennis goes straight into the brush. I am on a little knoll with good visibility and I see some movement in the brush and think it is a moose. I keep looking and soon a grizzly stand on his hind...

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Chapter 2 Colville River september 4, 1981

Alaska Arctic Circle Charlie Bright Colville River Dennis Bright Harrison jewell Moose hunting Umiat

Chapter 2 Colville River September 4, 1981
I got up around 5, got the fire started and put on the coffee water and tried to rouse the camp.
Eventually everyone got out of the sack, got a little organized and we headed out to pack out the moose. L After we packed it in, we ate breakfast, then Harry Dennis and I headed upriver to where we had seen caribou from the plane from yesterday. We saw caribou of at a distance, and Harry and Dennis lobbied the artillery at them a few times, but to no effect.
After the shooting, we...

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Colville River Alaska 1981 | Moose Hunting

Alaska Anuktuvik Pass arctic circle Bettles Field Bettles Fielf caribou hunting Chandler lakes Charlie Bright Colville River Dennis Bright Fairbanks Harrison jewell Jim Reigle John Ursich Larry Ruud Moose hunting Ron Costello Umiat

Colville River Alaska, September 2, 1981
The Colville River was a destination recommended to us by the game warden who had met us at the Stoney River the previous year. We told him we wanted to go to a place where there wouldn’t be any other hunters and where the game was plentiful. This was his top recommendation, so I researched the logistics of it, prepared menus for two weeks, and arranged our bush planes and canoes to take us into the area. We would have no guides but I do believe we had some sort of phone...

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Stoney River Moose hunt - part 4

blog Charlie Bright Dennis Bright Fishing Harrison jewell Hunting Laird Chambers Moose hunting Stoney River Talkahuana River

Stoney River Part four
September 4, 1980
We slept in till around 7 then got up and ate breakfast. Harry and Dennis rowed across the Stoney and Talcahuano, climbed up the mountain and looked for caribou. This was Dennis’ third trip up the mountain to look for caribou.
Laird and I sat around most of the day, cooking, reading, bathing, washing clothes, just a couple of old maids around the camp, then went out to the back 40 and watched the bog and saw nothing.
Harry and Dennis spotted 2 bull moose back where Laird and I had been, the antlers...

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